Oct 14, 2009

Thursday Music

My parents were very strict about the music I listened to. Under the mistaken impression that heavy metal, or even pop music, would lead me to a life of devil worship. Seriously. They believe the hype their relatives about how listening to Metallica would render me helpless under the spell of the dark lord.


They went so far as to confiscate all my albums and punish me whatever they felt appropriate. Being rebellious and considering their views on the matter to be ridiculous at best I hid all my albums around my room or at friend's homes and would listen while they weren't around.

Believing that I was dumb enough to do exactly what was projected on television or heard on the radio my choices were limited. What's funny is that they'd let me listen to stuff like this:

"If you play more than two chords, you're showing off." - Woody Guthrie


JLee said...

Cocaine Blues??? Seriously? WTF?
I can relate to this post. I'm cracking up at the Woody Guthrie quote. haha

wigsf said...

What about Stryper? Were they allowed?

Miss Ash said...

Ha! That's hilarious...Cocaine Blues is Okay....but not Metallica!

Have you told them now as an adult that you hid the albums elsewhere?