Aug 4, 2010

Can we fix it?

Yesterday was a soaring 104 degrees (not sure what that is in Canadian). People were melting and orphans were grilling roadkill on the sidewalks. Yes it was a scorcher, but I had errands to run and run them I did.

On my way about town I drove past our house that is under construction. I saw a bunch of employees toil away as they were working on our foundation. Covered from head to toe to avoid a sunburn I imagine they smelt like feet wrapped in bacon.

I pity those men. They have to lug heavy items in weather unfit for man or beast. They work hard every day and break their backs to build homes and risk life and limb. I wanted to buy them water, beer, or a bag of ice to cool their sun soaked skin, but I imagine they're probably prepared for such heat. They're of a different yolk. If the average office worker tried to do what they do for one day they'd pass out from heat stroke, exhaustion, or from being a total wuss. Yes I would too.

So here's to you construction workers of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I toast you from my climate controlled cubicle, for you are much more of a man than I'll ever be.

"If a building looks better under construction than it does when finished, then it's a failure." - Doug Coupland


wigsf said...

Here's to all construction workers and tradespeople everywhere who work everyday, rain or shine, hot or cold.

Claire said...

Amen to that!


Anonymous said...

as you look on from your air conditioned car...