Aug 10, 2010


Some people don't really understand my loathing for Sarah Palin. Some think I have some secret anti-female bias, others believe that I hold some deep seeded Seattle liberal values. I can assure you that neither are the case.

It's not her values or her rhetoric that I hate so much, it's how she's poorly represented her state and the Republican party. She couldn't handle the pressure of being Governor, so she resigned claiming she wanted to spend more time with her family. How traveling about the country and giving speeches for a few thousand a pop and going on a book tour can equate to quality time with your loved ones is anyone's guess.

She's also dumb. Really really dumb. If the video below doesn't prove this to you I don't know what will. Enjoy her smug attempt to engage in debate with one of her former supporters:

"Protection and liberty belong only to the nations who serve the Lord God Almighty the creator of the Universe. Every nation that forgets God has and always will go into captivity. You want proof America of this, go ahead and watch what is about to happen to your liberty, now that you have cast out God's things and embraced the things of His enemies, who come to kill, steal and destroy." - Sarah Palin


wigsf said...

Our society needs people like Sarah Palin. We need people, every once in a while, to come in and shake up the political machine with pure idiocy. Our regular politicians are too slick and cunning to be efficient governors of the populace. Sometimes, we need a simpleton to look at government through a child's eyes and break things down into a simple right or wrong.
The problem with Palin is that she came too soon after George W. Bush.

Miss Ash said...

It's taken like an hour to load 31 seconds of the video! But I believe you that it's awful!