Aug 6, 2010

Game night!

Now that I am part of a couple I get to hang around other people who are in relationships as well. While many of them have families it's difficult to get them out to my favorite bar, so we all compromise on fun and have what we call 'game night'.

After the kiddies are all sunggled in their beds the adults break out the booze and games ready to challenge each other in buzzed delight. Fun times are had as we put aside our responsibilities and let loose. Listed below are but some of the past times we engage in:

1. Cranium - A very creative game filled with trivia, pictionary, charades, and the like. It's fun as it is diverse in play.

2. The Newlywed Game - Modled after the game show of the same name it's a great way to get to know people as well as your own significant other. In some aspects you find out information you wish you hadn't known, but it's all in good fun. Warning: DO NOT play with your parents.

3. Apples to Apples - Always a big hit, this game never dissapoints.

4. The Game of Things - While a little obscure this game if full of laughs especially if you decide to play with creative and funny folk. The play is simple. They give you a scenario, such as 'Things you should never say to your in-laws'. Everyone writes down a response and it's up to players to guess who said who. Strategy is key in winning this game as well as the ability to read people. In one session the term 'Erik's balls' kept coming up over and over again

5. Rockband - It's sometimes difficult to get a group of adults to get together to play video games, but this is something everyone likes to play. Everyone likes music so it's and the game is simple, which helps.

While these are all fun sometimes I miss the games of my youth. It would be difficult to grab adult interests in these games, but some of them were loads of fun.

1. Electronic Battleship - If you don't love this game you're a facist who eats grapefruit.

2. Run Yourself Ragged - This was quite possibly the hardest board game ever. I don't think I ever got the marble to the end before the clock ran out. This game went by many names, but I believe Run Yourself Ragged was the first.

3. Monopoly - My parents bought me a Star Wars Monopoly board. It was a huge hit amongst my friends and we spent hours playing it well into my twenties.

4. Chess - I miss drunken chess. I was only fair at this game at best. The last time I played I lost to Corey. My fiance is none too happy that I own this board. I still want to try Chess Boxing.

5. Trivial Pursuit - I don't find many folks in Texas that enjoy the classic trivia game. I have many editions such as the classic, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and a version for the Xbox 360. Yes I'm a dork.

6. Memory (Concentration) - My father was always pissed off that my sister and I would always beat him.

"My problem with chess was that all my pieces wanted to end the game as soon as possible." - Dave Barry


wigsf said...

I love the game of things. Only played it once, but wow, was it ever dirty.

'Things you should never say to your in-laws'

"Last night, I made your daughter bleed out her butthole."

Mattbear said...

Game night? The situation is worse than I thought. You're completely whipped.

Miss Ash said...

Oh noooo you're one of those people now.....getting together with couples.....bleh!

I LOVE Cranium especially after a few drinks! And I have 80's TP but man is it hard!!! Perhaps the 90's would be easier as I was still young in the 80's!

Miss A said...

Apples to Apples gets hardcore, and I end up with a splitting headache from laughing to the point of blocking all incoming oxygen!

Trivial Pursuit is the best, Cranium is a good second...if you love trivia, you should find a place to play it live...the joy of watching total strangers marvel at your vast knowledge of all things useless is euphoric!

Scattergories and, there's a good time had by all!