Aug 18, 2010

Shotgun blasts are heard...

Today I was invited to skeet shoot this weekend, a sport made popular by I don't know who. Anyways for those unfamiliar, or live outside of the US, you take a shotgun and shoot at clay pigeons being tossed in the air by a mechanical arm.

Did I mention I was invited by my fiance's brother? Yes a member of the family I'm about to marry into decided we should spend quality time with firearms. Now I'm moderately familiar with gun safety and find target shooting to be a fun activity, and much more complicated than the uninformed would believe, but I'm a bit nervous around them. Sure they're dangerous and should be treated with respect, but accidents do happen.

Now Texas is known the country over for it's citizens being participants in gun ownership. No they're not just a bunch of rednecks with large trucks. They're professionals of every caliber ranging liberal intellects who masturbate to NPR to libertarians who cry every time they're reminded that lawn darts are illegal. The 2nd amendment is constantly on the minds of many as every bar I've ever been to posts signs reminding their patrons that it's against the law to carry firearms on the premises. You mean alcohol and guns don't mix?

If you don't see any more posts after Saturday you'll know what happened.

"Except for the occasional heart attack, I never felt better." - Dick Cheney


wigsf said...

RIP Wiwille

You will be missed

Claire said...

I love clay pigeon shooting.

Oh, and bonne chance!


Miss Ash said...

Okay Claire just surprised me there!

Why are they called pigeons I wonder....kinda like why is the badminton "thing" called a birdie? Cause they fly....?