Aug 25, 2010

A week...

In a week's time I'll be on a plane, ready to tie the knot in a beach ceremony. This week has been all kinds of busy for my fiance as she's packing, planning, and running all kinds of ragged making sure we everything in order for our trip. Today coworkers are throwing us a shower and Friday some festivities will occur.

So today at a meeting the following conversation took place.

Her: You ready to get married?
Me: I sure am.
Her: They say people change when they get married. I never did.
Another girl: I didn't either, except I got annoyed with him.
Me: That's reassuring.
Him: Just make sure you buy all your toys before you get married.

Everyone has been asking all sorts of questions wondering if I'm nervous or anything. I am a bit concerned about the wedding. It is Kelly's day after all and I want everything to go smoothly. Thankfully we'll be avoiding hurricane Diane, so severe weather shouldn't be a problem. It's a small affair and I'm just excited it's happening at all. I only want to do this once so I want it done right.

"I chose my wife, as she did her wedding gown, for qualities that would wear well." - Oliver Goldsmith


wigsf said...

Exactly, buy all of your sex toys now, before your married.

wigsf said...

Oh, and I've alerted Scarlett so she knows the exact place and time to do her thing.

Big Ben said...

Nothing changed for me, it was just nicer to refer to Patti as "my wife".

Miss Ash said...

Eek it's sooo close! You never told us, how did you two meet?

Claire said...

So excited for you guys. :)