Aug 9, 2010

More crazy people....

On Friday I was tasked with stopping by the vet clinic to pick up some food and medicine for our doggies. There was construction all along the street and they made the driveway so narrow only one car could fit through. I was awaiting a car to exit the vet, but they were turning left on a busy street. Rather than sit there for five minutes I pulled into another driveway which led to a day care. I figured on only being in the clinic for a short spell, so I parked my car and walked in and got my things.

I walk to my car with dog food and other items in hand and I see a woman standing near my car. She asks me who I am. I told her I was no one special and opened my car and placed the things on the passenger seat.

The woman told me I was not allowed to park there. I apologized and explained the situation and that I would be on my way. The conversation descended into madness after that.

Her: I called a tow truck.
Me: Ok. Well I'm out of here anyways so I'd call them and cancel.
Her: You can't leave.
Me: Uhh...yes I can.
Her: No you can't. I called a tow truck.
Me: Mam, I'm not sitting here waiting for a tow truck to take my car. I'm sorry, but I'm leaving.
Her: No you can't.
Me: Oh yeah? Watch me.

I enter my car and start it up. She stands in front of it trying to block me from leaving. I back out and shake my head as she's yelling something incomprehensible.

This crazy woman watches children for a living. Think about that.

"A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?" - Albert Einstein


wigsf said...

Safe bet to say that when you have children, you won't be using services from that daycare.

And one more thing. Some people deserve to be hit with cars. I call them "people who willingly step in front of cars."

Miss Ash said...

Can you say psycho.....see this is what spending alllll day with children can do to a perfectly normal adult woman....LOL!

Rebecca said...

It's the fact that she watches children all day that makes her the way she is!! Hahaha!