Aug 3, 2010

Wiwille hates himself

Former nude model and high school dropout Levi Johnston and his abstinence poster child fiance Bristol Palin seem to be on the outs. Shortly after they announced to the world via an entertainment rag of their upcoming nuptials it's been reported that they are no longer an item. You will always remember this day as it is the one when romance died.

Why do I know this? Why do I care? They're teenagers with nary an education and have no consequence on my life. Bristol's mother holds no elected office, but still I'm strangely fascinated by the personal politics of rural Alaskans. I normally thumb my nose at those who follow celebrity culture, but here I am reading Levi's sister's blog and hating myself the whole time.

The on again, off again drama of the snowbillies should not be public fodder, nor should I eat it up. I know better. There's no good reason to follow this news, but I do. I guess politics is just like entertainment, they're both steeped in useless drama.

Editor's note: If anything on Mercede Johnston's blog is true, and I'm willing to bet it is, the Palin's are an vindictive, spoiled lot.

"I'm pro-life. I'll do all I can to see every baby is created with a future and potential. The legislature should do all it can to protect human life." - Sarah Palin


Big Ben said...

I bet you bought that Playgirl with Levi in it!

Claire said...

Now I hate myself too...that blog is malicious yet tasty!


Miss Ash said...

I'll bet you watch TMZ too!!!