Aug 12, 2010

Thursday Music

As it may come as a shock to no one my music tastes differ greatly from that of my fiance. Yes it's true you'll not find her listening to old Metallica, Beethoven, or the classic works of Depeche Mode. My aesthetic sensibilities vary, so it's a chore to ask that someone is like minded in that regard and quite frankly I wouldn't think of doing so. It's more interesting to be with someone who has different interests than my own.

Of course a lot of the music she listens has little to no interest to me. Some though is absolutely fascinating. Take for instance one of her current favorite songs, Katy Perry's "California Gurls".

I first heard this song in the car on my own and immediately changed the station. It just sounded as stupid as the misspelling in the title. Yet upon another listening of the hit single I'm dumbfounded at what exactly she's trying to say, if anything. Take for instance the line about girls skin melting popsicles. Are west coast girls radioactive? Is wearing a bikini top really the proper way to represent the west coast? What exactly is in the water that makes these girls who they are? Is the Governator using mind control drugs with the drinking supply? Isn't Snoop Dog like 60?

She may just be the prophet of our time and we're all ignoring her wisdom because her music is a bag of ass. Oh and she's hot. Just look at her! Mmmmm....

So today I bring you the prophetic visions of today's Oracle at Delphi:

"It was just like one of those days, ‘Guess what, mom? I kissed a girl!’ ‘Guess what, mom? I’m going to be naked in a music video!" - Katy Perry


wigsf said...

I've never heard it, but I'm still going to say that I prefer the Beach Boys and DLR over anything by a Katy Perry.

JLee said...

hhaha...I have to say, I hate this song, but I really like Katy Perry (her first cd) I think she is selling out big time, because she is very talented and has a great voice, but this song is way too bubble gum for me.

Miss Ash said...

Never heard this song before and hope to never hear it again...awful!

Mattbear said...

I lasted 31 seconds before I could no longer bear to listen to that. Also the hook is ripped off from an older techno track.

Anonymous said...

this song is on the local radio station at least 5 times a day.. at least!