Nov 13, 2005

Henry Rollins is back and he's still pissed off.

The pretty girl and I went and saw Henry Rollins spoken word last night and damn was it a good show. He may be getting older, he's 44 now, but his energy and quick wit is still sharp.

I first saw him years ago after being talked into going by a friend of mine. I remember walking out of the show energized. His exuberance on stage rubbed off on us and we all were in awe of the passion he felt toward every detail he spoke about. Granted there are many things he said that I didn't agree with, but I admire his discipline and conviction.

A good time was had by all.

"Go without a coat when it's cold; find out what cold is. Go hungry; keep your existence lean. Wear away the fat, get down to the lean tissue and see what it's all about. The only time you define your character is when you go without. In times of hardship, you find out what you're made of and what you're capable of. If you're never tested, you'll never define your character." - Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins

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