Nov 22, 2005

You should be a hot woman.

Debra LaFave will not face any jail time for sleeping with her underage student three times. Instead she will face probation and will have to register as a sex offender. Now a lot of people will cry foul and say, "If that were a man he'd never escape prison. Women sex offenders need therapy while male sex offenders need castration. It's a huge double standard."

While I agree with a lot of you on this I'm going to pose another possibility of why she avoided jail time. Debra LaFave is hot. I read Fark constantly and they have many news stories regarding female teachers sleeping with students. In viewing these stories it seems to me that the ugly women go to jail where the even mildly attractive ones get community service. Granted the ugly women probably spend less time in the joint then a man would, but looks shouldn't keep you from being locked up. Or should it? Debra LaFave's attorney thinks so. He argued to the jury that because she's so attractive she wouldn't do well in prison and therefore she shouldn't go.

This sentence was agreed upon in the plea bargain with the victim's family. The mom stated she didn't want her son to face the emotional trauma of court proceedings.

Moral of the story: If you're a woman you better be hot, cause if you're ugly our country will keep you behind bars. If you're a man you'll always be sent to a pound-in-the-ass prison for sleeping with a minor.

"To place an attractive young woman into that kind of hellhole is like putting a piece of raw meat in with the lions. I am not sure that Debbie would be able to survive," - John Fitzgibbons. Debra Lafave's attorney.

Predatory Teacher Dodges Jail

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