Nov 29, 2005

Remember the proper words

Sometimes I hear a song, read an article, or watch a movie and just shake my head wondering who the hell thought this was a good idea. Whether it be the 'Crash Test Dummies', 'The Star Wars Holiday Special', or 'The Fall Guy' Hollywood never ceases to amaze me with the periodic crap they release on an unsuspecting public.

Years ago Henry Winkler of Happy Days fame hosted a video for kids called 'Strong Kids, Safe Kids'. It was an educational piece instructing kids on how to avoid child molesters. My school actually showed it to the children. I found a video clip of one of the songs and it's disturbing as all high holy hell. Just when I thought I had the film pressed into the dark recesses of my tiny brain, Ebaums World was kind enough to post this for all the world to see.

I warn you this is not for the squeamish. Whoever wrote and sang this song must be stopped at all costs.

"Assumptions are the termites of relationships. I wrote that." - Henry Winkler

This clip originally appeared in the 1984 video Strong Kids, Safe Kids, starring Henry Winkler.

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Mattbear said...

Good god, man! I had read about that, so I felt compelled to watch the clip, but I had no idea!

No adult should ever say "the anus is a useful thing" when speaking of a child. I need a hot shower, and perhaps a brillo pad, to get that feel of "ick" off me now!~