Nov 14, 2005

Mad Mormon makes misguided muddle.

People take offense to a lot of things. Nudity offends most prudes. Violence offends most pacifists. Religious intolerance offends most people of a spiritual constitution. I find people who find themselves funny in work meetings offensive.

However unpleasant the current stimuli may be most people wouldn't risk death to avoid it. Sure there have been times when I've thought about stabbing myself in the throat with my keys while sitting through the last 'Matrix' film, but I reasoned against such an action. There was a man who decided not to listen to conventional wisdom and put his life on the line to avoid an inflammatory argument.

Tyler Poulson, a member of the LDS church who recently returned from a mission, was none to happy about the current dialogue being exchanged in a car he was riding in. He protested the foul language being used and said he would step out of the moving vehicle so he wouldn't be within earshot of the vehicles occupants. When dared Tyler opened the door and stepped out ensuring he would never have to hear a naughty word again. Police ruled him dead at the scene.

Moral of the story? Besides "Don't be a friggin idiot" I do believe the "No matter how offensive something may seem, it's easier to deal with then death," would be appropriate.

Yes I imagine he will be up for a Darwin Award.

"We don't deliberately set out to offend. Unless we feel it's justified." - Graham Chapman

Man Jumped From Truck Following Argument

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