Nov 8, 2005

No swearing for big oil.

As many of you know five of the worlds largest oil companies have appeared before the Senate to explain their record profits in the wake of recent natural disasters and price hikes. While the chilly banter between the soulless companies and the corrupt public servants won't really raise any eyebrows there was one detail that I found rather interesting.

There were Republicans who opposed the swearing in of the oil executives. Apparently some members of the GOP do not want them to be held accountable for their testimony. By swearing in big tobacco lawsuit happy smokers and their families successfully sued major corporations because of the perjury they committed when they announced to Congress that they did not know cigarettes to be addictive.

Now why would Republicans be against the swearing in of oil companies executives? Are they trying to protect them from going to hell? As if they're not going there already. Are there Senators reaping huge payoffs from lobbyists? More then likely.

"Now you have people in Washington who have no interest in the country at all. They're interested in their companies, their corporations grabbing Caspian oil." - Gore Vidal

Oil Executives Face Senate Scrutiny Today

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