Nov 8, 2005

Interview with a Christian?

Anne Rice, popular novelist of erotic and vampire subjects, has now decided to write for the Lord. Yes she's returned to Roman Catholicism, but has not abandoned her pulp writing. Still going with the heavy victorian style of over describing everything whether it matters to the story or not, she has written a new book about Jesus as a child.

I'm quite surprised at this actually, although Bram Stroker did convert as well. Even more surprising to many is the fact that I've been going to church lately and a bolt of lightning doesn't strike me on my way in.

I never liked her writing nor did I enjoy seeing the goth fad that many jumped on after her books and film adaptations became popular. There was a group of people in Bham who used to go to Western and have vampire role playing games. They would dress in intricate costumes and shout things at each other. It was amusing to say the least. They were adamant that they weren't jumping on the "Interview with a Vampire" bandwagon and swear on their parents' grave that they loved vampires well before the books were published. My ass they did.

Not that it really matters to me when they started enjoying the fad, but I found it funny how much these lovers of all things black would hold on to the idea that they were true individuals even though all their friends were into the same exact things. I kind of wish I would've dressed up like them and hung with them for a while and then finally admit that I'm a huge fan of monster truck shows and I often enjoy needlepoint crafts.

"When other little girls wanted to be ballet dancers I kind of wanted to be a vampire." - Angelina Jolie

Anne Rice turns to Jesus

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