May 29, 2006

Batgirl is now into the ladies. Wonder Woman to come out of closet soon, hopefully.

In news that is interesting to nobody who reads this blog except for Ryon and Jeff, DC comics, who own the license for such superhero icons as Batman and Superman, have created a new Batgirl, uh make that Batwoman, who'll be a lesbian socialite by day and a crime fighting heroine by night. Yes the famed Dark Knight sidekick will now be kicking the living hell out of criminals in revealing outfits as well as owning a huge collection of Melissa Ethridge albums. Keeping with superhero anatomy I imagine she'll have breasts larger than her head.

I'm not a big fan of comic books, but if Wonder Woman and her hook up I'll definitely pick up a copy. This is not the first time a major comic book character came out as Northstar chimed the words "I am gay" after he beat up three men who were running around beating up homosexuals.

"The fundament of a superhero is the guy in tights saving innocent people from bad things. It's amazing how infrequently that seems to happen in superhero comics these days." - Frank Miller

New look for some superheroes


Scott said...

A collection of Etheridge albums... i am dying over here.


Jeff said...

Oh, like I wasn't already aware of this.

Just wait until I tell you what they did with Captain Marvel

Mattbear said...

Well, Wonder Woman was (in the early days) partly about bondage, so there ya go...that would make an interesting comic.

As the Etheridge albums, you never know, she could be more the k.d. lang type.
Either way, it's funny because it's true. :)