May 3, 2006

Illegal immigration is a tool of the Vatican. Jack Chick followers unite.

In what seems to be one of the nuttiest columns I've read in years Richard D. Sloan, who uses such great literary techniques as to come up with phrases such as "we will be enmeshed in a world-wide sea of muck", claims illegal immigration is a tool of the Vatican. Yes folks those condom hating cardinals are at it again and this time they're using Latinos to bolster their political power in the US.

Sloan claims the Heritage Foundation, headed by William Bennett, who's Catholic, influenced Jack Kemp to barr the INS from busting into HUD homes and rooting out illegals. In true Jack Chick fashion Sloan provides no evidence of this nor does he cite any communication, documents, etc of Vatican officials being in cohorts with Bennett or Kemp. He also makes the connection that since a lot of immigrants are Catholic the Vatican wants them to infiltrate America to promote their agenda.

Sloan goes on to accuse the illegal immigrants of being pawns of the Dan Brown loathing celibates. He completley ignores the fact that immigration is and always has been an economic issue first. Irish and Italian Catholics migrated in massive numbers for many years and how many Catholic presidents have we had Richard? One. A whole one and they have a stronger majority of voters then the Latinos. How many Catholics are in Congress Richard? Do you even care to look it up?

Sloan is using his anti-Catholic rehtoric to cheapen the immigrant experience without using any facts or data. He seems nothing more than another conspiracy nut. I encourage anyone to listen to the immigrants and really take heed of what they really mean to our culture and politics, but I emplore you to remove the tin foil hat while doing so.

Why the Vatican still has a stake in illegal immigration

"The Vatican is slowly destroying the U.S. with excessive immigration to advance the Vatican’s own power in the U.S. and the world. Rather than moving to the U.S., most of these immigrants should be in their home countries reforming those countries. They should be rejecting the Vatican’s self-serving doctrine of large families and bringing their own population levels under control." - Richard Sloan

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