May 5, 2006

Like father like son.

Rep. Patrick Kennedy, son of the miserable pig fucking coward Ted, has crashed his car high on prescription medication. He left the Capitol building after a session of votes, took his drugs, drove around, and then drove back to the Capitol believing he needed to vote again. He narrowly missed a police car and smashed into a security barrier.

Kennedy claimed he took sleep medication and an anti-nausea drug. Call me weird, but I don't believe sleep medication is best taken before you get behind the wheel. I would assume this would fall under the "do not drive or operate heavy machinery" category, but if you're a bi-polar recovering addict fortunate son I guess you don't feel the need to pay attention to little details.

At least no one died as the result of this accident. Most people are not aware of the fact that Mary Jo Kopechne, the unfortunate passenger at Chappaquiddick, did not actually drown but affixiated. Yes she sat in that car for up to two hours in pitch black experiencing a horrible death. What's worse if Ted actually called authorities instead of asking his friends to try and cover the whole thing up she might be with us today.

"Today there are hundreds of thousands of clean and sober individuals living productive lives only because, in a moment-of-truth, a counselor was there and made the difference." - Patrick J. Kennedy

Kennedy Says He Was Disoriented From Prescription Drugs

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