Dec 16, 2010

Thursday Music

Christmas music is everywhere to the chagrin of a few. There's a station here in Dallas that plays nothing but Holiday songs from Thanksgiving till December 25th. It can be a pleasant listen, but after hearing Wham's 'Last Christmas' for the 47th time I find it a bit tiresome. Plus they seem to have an affinity for 'Wonderful Christmastime' which is unacceptable.

Still there is a lot of Christmas music I like, but strangely I don't hear a lot of it on the previously mentioned station, or anywhere for that matter. Stores blare Mariah Carey and the like, but nothing that really reminds me of the holiday of my childhood.

In the first grade my class put on a Nativity play and I was given the role of the Little Drummer Boy. Having no lines my task was to sit in front of the baby Jesus and bang a drum while the rest of the kids sang the infamous tune. I was quite the method actor as I practised my percussion for weeks. My folks decided against giving me the drum set I wanted, which was probably wise of them.

At the risk of having Mattbear, who doesn't blog enough by the way, breaking out his in depth knowledge of Kung-Fu on me, I'll post one of my favorite Christmas tunes from one of the oddest duets ever:

"Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won't make it 'white."' - Bing Crosby


Miss Ash said...

I heart David Bowie....I've never ever heard this though!

PS I love Wham's Last Christmas!

Mattbear said...

Shows you what you know. I like that song. :P

Wham's "Last Christmas," however, would have earned you an ass kicking. Just as soon as I could afford a flight to Texas.