Dec 9, 2010

Thursday Music

Christmas music is something most of the public love or hate. I find it a mixed bag, as some of the old tunes I love, but of things produced for the holiday season end up being corny or uninspired at best.

Last night I turned on the television and saw in the cable listings that 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' was on. I chose it on the remote, but sadly they deceived me as it was some computer animated short featuring the voice of Betty White as Mrs Claus. I was a sad Wiwille as my intended viewing is one of my favorite Christmas cartoons of all time. It ranks right up there with the Grinch and Rudolph.

What I didn't learn until recently is that the theme for Linus and Lucy first debuted on 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'. I'm not sure what I find about that tune so appealing. Maybe it's nostalgia, but hearing it always makes me smile. So today dear readers I bring you a little ditty that may make you hearken back to your youth:

"Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use." - Charles M. Schulz

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Miss Ash said...

My heart always sinks when I see the Flintstones on TV only it's the newer version and the voices are different. Boo!