Dec 15, 2010


Everyone told me that marriage would change me, but how could it? I mean why should it morph the awesomeness that is me? I'm Wiwille and I shall not stray from being the coolest.

Yesterday I receive a text from a friend announcing the news of Ryan Reynolds splitting from his wife, Scarlett Johannson. I replied stating that she missed her chance as I'm already married.

What the hell? Had I been single I'd jump up and do a happy dance under the delusion that I may have a shot at wooing the wonder that is Scarlett, but instead I sat in my cubicle shrugging off the news as it would never apply to me. My obsession in all things Johannson wore off. How did this happen?

Yes marriage has indeed changed Wiwille, for the better I may add. Sure I do list her as #1 on our celebrity affair that we're both allotted, but I no longer crave her as I once did. I may have written numerous posts about her as an excuse to post awesome pictures as the one you see above, but that has seemed to wane. Forsaking all others was the vow after all.

Does this mean I have to turn in my man card? And who shall I relinquish it to?

"One of the best things for a woman to hear is that she is sexy." - Scarlett Johansson


Anonymous said...

[hangs head in shame]

JLee said...

I think it's very are so gonna get some tonight for this post ;)

Mattbear said...

Already pandering to your wife in your blog posts. This marriage thing might stick. :)

Sidenote: My "word verification" today is "aphalasp." I don't think it's actually a word, but it sure sounds like something you'd hear on "House, M.D."!