Dec 13, 2010

Christmas in Texas

My parents were in town this weekend for their first visit to Dallas. The wife and I were scrambling to find things to do as we wanted them to experience Texas culture. We took them to my mother in-law's church yesterday. While it wasn't as large as Six Flags Over Jesus the place of worship was bigger than what they were used to. The music was loud, the pastor used drawings in his sermon, and there was a short, but clever skit to dramatize the nativity. They even allowed people to bring in coffee to keep them from nodding off which was kind of cool.

Afterwards we went to lunch at a barbecue place called Hard Eight. It was a rustic looking place where one could find all kinds of meats cooked on a large smoker of sorts. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was what one would expect from a Texan eatery, but they had something that really caught my eye. Their holiday decor included Christmas lights made out of shotgun shells.

Yes you read that right. I love Texas.

"You may all go to Hell, and I will go to Texas." - Davy Crockett


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a whole new kind of fun, unleashing Texas upon your parents.

Miss Ash said...

Oh my! I must visit this odd land, of gun toting religious fanatics!

PS do you have shell casings as lights?

Shaun@Work said...

Ats m'state!