Dec 29, 2010

A second chance

With the exception of Pete Rose and Mike Tyson, few professional athletes have been more divisive amongst sports fans than Michael Vick. The reasons are obvious as he commit ed a heinous crime which many, especially those in the animal loving community, believe his punishment was in no way harsh enough. There are others who think he's done his time and deserves a second chance at being a decent human being.

I'm torn about the issue as I am a dog lover, but at the same time I do believe people deserve to enter back into the life they once knew after serving their sentence. Sure I think the judge was lenient on him considering the charges, but he has a right to a defense and they did a better job than the prosecution apparently. Such is how lady justice rules in our great land.

President Obama decided to get in on the action and praise the fact that Vick has been given a new life in the NFL. I'm not sure why he openly gave an opinion on the matter. Granted it was in the context of a private conversation, but we all know nothing is ever held under wraps concerning the President's communications. Still conservative talking heads are slamming Obama claiming Vick has no right to play football and even Tucker Carlson stated the Eagles' quarterback deserved the death penalty.

Given all this I find it strange that few thought it odd that Tyson, a convicted rapist, was welcomed back to boxing with open arms. Granted boxing is not as popular as football and believe it or not has a more thuggish image. Still if we are to believe that people can lead a new life after the mistakes they've made we should feel Michael Vick can give back to society. Though in my worst moments I have to admit I'd like to see him thrown in a pit of angry wild hogs.

"A Republican in my state of Arkansas feels about as out of place as Michael Vick at the West Minister dog show." - Mike Huckabee

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