Dec 20, 2010

Tis the season..

I went to church with my brother in-law and future sister in-law yesterday to a denomination called Disciples of Christ. What's interesting about the name of the church is how anyone can call themselves disciples when no one living has ever seen Jesus. Apostles seems to be a more appropriate term, but that doesn't have a certain ring to it. I guess that's why I don't run a church, well that and other reasons.

The three of us sit down and were warmly greeted by a middle aged woman who wanted us to feel welcome at the church. What was surprising about this is that the congregation was a large one, as per usual in the Dallas area, and somehow we had 'newbies' written on our foreheads. She asked us to fill out a contact information card and gave us welcome bags, which she claimed had Starbucks gift cards.

She lied, or was simply misinformed. There were free coffee in store for us. The bag contained literature, such as the Gospel according to John, and others associated with their church's doctrine, but it also contained a package of Grandma's peanut butter cookies.

Like the other churches I've visited in the area there was no traditional choir nor was there much audience participation in the singing. Like the others it had an electric band with singers that drowned out the drones of those in the pews. It was the first time I heard a guitar solo to a Christmas song in a place of worship.

My brother in-law nudged me and noted how many ugly red Christmas sweaters were apparent. He was correct as there was a sea of them donned by elderly women. It was so bad I almost felt over dressed. I'm not sure why gaudy Christmas sweaters became popular at any time by any generation, but they still reign amongst the geriatric set.

This church, unlike the others, had communion. We were given a wheel well like platter with a small cup of grape juice and a bowl with a tiny cracker. Being raised Catholic I always expect the true vino, but most denominations prefer not to serve alcohol to their parish. This is a damn shame I feel.

"You Catholics use the real vino!" - Kevin, after attending his first Mass.


wigsf3 said...

We Catholics don't just use the real vino, we abuse the real vino.
Went to this one wedding, the priest was frequently sipping from the wine throughout the ceremony and mass. Pretty well explains how he managed to get the bride's name wrong three times.

Sometimes it's good be Catholic.

Miss Ash said...

You've been attending many a church lately....I'm assuming they are still trying to find a church to marry them....or you've decided to go to a new one each week for a free grab bag!

Anonymous said...

Cory and I attend a local United Church of Christ (UCC) congregation. We love it. Having grown up in a very conservative Missouri Synod Lutheran church, I very much prefer the traditional church service (hymnals, choirs, organ, piano) and I like small congregations, and the church we found fits both of those priorities. Of course the fact that the liturgy if progressive is all the better (we are open and affirming, meaning we have no problem with gay marriage, interracial marriage, etc) Cory grew up Catholic, and he loves our present church as well. We've been members for 6 years and we can't imagine going anywhere else to church. If you're still church shopping, check out the UCC. You might be pleasantly surprised, as I was! - Greg Saum