Dec 1, 2005

Day of estrogen

So yesterday consisted of AG and I going to see 'Rent', which I affectionately dub as an emotional roller coaster of suck. I've never seen the stage production, but I imagine it worked better then the film did. The movie did have it's high points, such as the opening with the cast on stage singing 'Seasons of Love'. I really thought it was going to be great.

Then the next song came. Holy god was it bad. That's what Rent really was. Had really high points followed by very low points. There was never any consistency with the quality of music nor the acting. Some of the rhyming sequences seem really forced and the end was so cheesy you would think it was scripted by a sitcom writer.

There was the scene with Rosario Dawson dancing in a strip club, which fucking ruled. That alone made the movie worth it.

Later that night the pretty girl and I went and saw 'Pride and Prejudice'. After a good meal at a Thai place and coffee at Tullys I decided to purchase the tickets. We walked up to the box office and I noticed the pretty girl walked away laughing. I looked at the box office cashier, Dan, and he was sound asleep. Yes the dude had his arms folded and head tucked and was in full snooze mode. We then took a walk around the block and came back and found him awake from his slumber.

The movie was actually really good. There were a few nitpicks, such as there was hardly any chemistry between the leads even when the story called for it, but the photography, pacing, and acting was really well done. God bless Kiera Knightley and everything she stands for. Getting to look at her for 2+ hours was a real treat.

"New York City is a great monument to the power of money and greed... a race for rent." - Frank Lloyd Wright

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