Feb 23, 2006

Another day, another asanign censorship policy handed down by China.

China likes to censor art. They've been doing it for years mostly to curb thought, especially if it contradicts the ideals of their Maoist philosophy. Recently search engine companies have agreed with the communist government to self censor their search results for their Chinese customers.

Not content with not allowing their citizens to view art regarding freedom and porn the government has now banned animation that's mixed with live action. By banning the animation, which normally comes from foreign markets, they intend to help boost their sagging animation industry. One would think that making their cartoons not suck would eliminate the problem, but that's just me.

"By contrast, China is a repressive regime that denies its citizens the essential freedoms of religion, political dissent and representative self-government." - Todd Akin

China Bans Animation Blended With Actors

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