Feb 6, 2006

Weekend of masculinity

This weekend started with the Jiggaman's birthday which was held at the Claim Jumper. I had to bail on it early to take the Pretty Girl to the airport, but a good time was had by all.

Saturday Kris and I sat and shared a bottle of Jack Daniels while we watched the UFC 57. I'm a huge fan of the fights and this one featured Couture vs Liddell part 3 which I've been waiting for for months. These fighters are the best and to see them square off to prove who was indeed the greatest fighter was historic. The fight went to the second round with Liddell knocking Couture down with a punch and then plummeling him until the ref stopped the fight.

Liddell accepted the win graciously without any trash talking, but it was Couture who showed real class. He congratulated Liddell on his win and announced he was retiring. Yep that was his last fight. At 42 he did start showing his age, but to be able to square off in full contact martial arts until that age is amazing. Goodbye Randy Couture. You will be missed.

Sunday was of course the Super Bowl, which is actually a sport most people have heard of unlike Mixed Martial Arts. Kyle threw his yearly party at his place in Kent, which turned out to be a bittersweet one. Kyle was gracious as always providing a large HD screen with lots of food, but then the game got underway. Some guy there asked if everyone there was rooting for the Seahawks to which I announced I did not care as I just wanted to see a good game. Grumbling ensued and someone reminded me that there were 4 black belts there. I guess I was supposed to feign cowardice and announce that I was suddenly a huge fan, but I've always been a terrible liar.

The game was terrible. The officiating was some of the worst I've ever seen and it caused Paul to almost have a coronary. My mother called sometime in the 4th quarter to ask how the game went and right on time Paul screamed a "Fuck you" to the TV. Mom said she guessed the game was not going well for Seattle and asked me to call her back when the profanity died down.

I'm not upset for the Seahawk players or the owners as it's difficult for me to feel sorry for rich people who play a game. In fact I find it funny that the player who was arrested for beating his girlfriend was the one called for a hold that cost the Seahawks a touchdown. I do feel sorry for the Seahawk fans who feel they've been robbed and for good reason. They almost seem to take it personally calling the results an east coast bias. The tone around the party became depressing, but I'm still happy I went.

Regardless of the officiating I hated the game just for the simple fact that the play was horrid. These were supposed to be the best teams playing like it was their last game and we witnessed players acting like this was a preseason match. The Seahawks were called for some bullshit penalties, but they got away with a lot as well.

Alcohol was consumed and historic sports were watched. All that was needed was V8 engines and Maxim models. A good weekend indeed.

"The painful warrior famous for fight, After a thousand victories, once foil'd, Is from the books of honor razed quite, And all the rest forgot for which he toil'" - William Shakespear

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