Feb 19, 2006

A huge sports weekend that I'm told I should care about.

I went to a WHL game this weekend and damn it was cool. I love seeing hockey live. I don't think people appreciate the skill of the players as they should. I can't think of a sport that blends grace and power so harmoniously.

The NBA all star game happened this weekend. The slam dunk contest ensued and sports journalists are complaining about the controversy of Nate Robinson's winning slam dunk, but yet I don't give a damn. I guess the NBA should hype such a useless theatrical event to boost it's sagging ratings.

Daytona 500 happened, again with controversy over Knauf's suspension for cheating. Many people around the water cooler will still debate whether NASCAR's a real sport or not. I could care less if it is or isn't. I just want it to go away.

In Winter Olympics snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis cost herself a gold medal with her ego. After gaining an impressive lead in the 4 woman race, Lindsey decided to do a board grab on the last jump in an effort to showboat and rouse the crowd into a presumptuous celebration. Her landing did not go as well as planned as she fell on her back and watched Switzerland's Tanja Frieden race past her and take the gold medal.

Funny thing is I, nor many people, would've ever heard the name Lindsey Jacobelllis if it weren't for the flub. She'll probably get more endorsement deals and enjoy her 15 minutes in the spotlight more so than if she did win the gold medal. Of course Tanja will display her gold medal proudly for the rest of her life even though she won it by someone doing a mistake rather than a true test of skill.

Ricky Williams tested positive for pot for the 4th time. The NFL rules require a year long suspension for the bong loving Miami running back. You must really have to love tokin to sacrifice playing the game you love, not to mention a multi million dollar years salary.

"As human beings we have a tendency when we like something to tie it up and make sure it's there for a long time. I've been working on being able to let things go. I don't think I ever want to buy property again." - Ricky Williams

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