Feb 28, 2006

In the news...

Since I always have an bloated opinion on almost everything here's my latest stab at what's in the news:

First up we have the former blonde bombshell turned public laughing stock Anna Nicole Smith. She has taken her case to the Supreme Court arguing that she's entitled to the a large chunk of her late husband's estate. For those of you unfamiliar with the case Anna married an geriatric billionaire who she met in a strip club. The man died a little more than a month after the nuptials and the court battle for his will has been waging for more than 11 years. The dead husband's family, concerned about the authenticity of the marriage, state they will continue to fight this in every avenue possible. Evidence has been placed in the court that Anna flashed her breasts to her husband on his deathbed in an attempt to be placed on the will.

Gee you mean Anna didn't really love the guy and just wanted his money? I'm shocked.

Dad if you're reading this, God forbid, always remember if something happened to Mom and you ended up marrying a stripper with the brain capacity of broccoli I will punch you in the mouth repeatedly. If you do the same Mom I'll get my sister to do the honors. If she won't do it I'll hire out.

Never marry a stripper when you're old. They may not love you for your stunning looks or charisma.

Supreme Court sympathetic to former Playmate

President Bush is not only pissing off liberals, moderates, but now he's gotten under the skin of people in his own party. The UAE port control bid has infuriated everyone and our idiot-in-chief didn't help matters by promising to veto any Congressional act that would question and/or block the contractors bid. To make matters worse he stated this before the Senate review.

He's been in office for years now and the administration's incompetence never ceases to amaze me.

GOP unease spreads to security issues

Jessica Alba has threatened Playboy with possible litigation over them picturing her on this month's cover. She's upset that it gives the impression that non readers of the skin magazine may think she's nude in it.

Now I know you may think that Jessica Alba's nudity is not as important as national security or Supreme Court precedences, but I disagree. I find the subject of the highest importance. I think the idea by Playboy probably got them more readers than ever before.

Alba Threatens Playboy Over Cover Pic

I was watching Fox News at the gym today and damn them for not letting me change the channel. They did have an interesting segment though talking about a survey where over 70% of women polled want their husbands to make more money. Shouldn't men want the same from the women? Were men polled to opine about their wive's spending habits?

Way to go Fox News for keeping the gold digger stereotype alive.

"I don't drink as much as I use to could." - Anna Nicole Smith

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