Jun 2, 2006

How did I become me?

Sometimes I sit and ponder how I became the person I am today. I have those moments where I look at my friends, family, co-workers, etc and think to myself that I really don't fit in. While I love them all deeply, well most of them, I feel troubled by the fact that I think they don't get me, or worse I don't get them. Often do I observe this world and the lunacy that I see in our social units, from governments to small cliques, and my soul seems to long for an identity amongst them. Most of the time though, I don't really care.

Reading a lot of news doesn't help my identity crisis. The absurdities of human behavior make me feel sane. So many reports remind of how unstable our minds are. Stories that normally involve a sword, a naked old person screaming obscenities in the street holding a cucumber, or a hot teacher sleeping with a 14 year old remind me that the life I live is truly a blessed one.

I also think about how other's see certain aspects of life. I try to look at how some people view our politics and culture and think to myself, sometimes naively, that I broadened my world perspective. Then again some news and events baffle me and I give up trying to decipher what anyone involved was thinking.

Toronto is hosting the first annual "Feminist Porn Awards". Now I cannot pass judgment on viewers of adult entertainment, but isn't feminist porn sort of like saying masculine bath salt? I don't imagine Rocco Siffredi will be in attendance. If you know who that is you are a world class porn afficiando, i.e. Corey.

Like how I tied in my place amongst society and porn?

"We wanted to celebrate filmmakers who are making really great porn, the kind that makes us feel good about sex, makes us feel good about our bodies and treats sex as something fun and good," - Chanelle Gallant


jinsane said...

Hey - I was just happy that I knew who Ron Jeremy was! I guess that doesn't make me a porn afficiando, but I can live with that. ;o)

I definitely understand everything you wrote in your first paragraph. I have my own thoughts like that and they drive me crazy at times. I usually bounce back pretty fast, but it's tough feeling like you don't fit in sometimes. I tend to float around between many different groups, without ever really being a part of any of them. It kinda sucks.

OK - I'm done whining. Thanks, Dr. Phil.

Scott said...

How did i not know that this event was coming to Toronto. I think that there can be porn that is not oppresive and that should be celabrated.


jinsane said...

Scott - LOL!!!