Jun 10, 2006

The hottest witch ever fighting the good fight.

The House recently shut down an amendment that would guarantee internet neutrality. If you're not familiar many telecom companies, from AT&T to Verizon, would like to see the internet completely under their thumb. How they plan to accomplish this goes over my head, but they're lobbying Congress to pass legislation to have that happen soon. The bill that just failed would make it so internet regulation and ownership would stay the same, in the hands of the users. One can expect federal legislation to pass soon to have the once independent websites controlled under the federal and corporate regulations. I suggest contacting your congressperson soon to voice your thoughts.

But we netsavy people do have a hero on our side and that is the fine actress Alyssa Milano. Yes the Charmed star is leading the fight to keep the telecom companies from having control over the free exchange of thoughts we internet users cherish. Not only is she bringing her power of celebrity to the debate, but that fact that she's just freakin hot will hopefully get geeks off their ass and into the discourse.

You loyal readers may note that I've had a crush on Ms Milano since I was eight so I am a little bit biased. She could probably endorse a campaign against Playboy and I'd all of a sudden be all for it. I'm kind of stupid that way.

"I think we're in a time when everyone's afraid to have sex. But I was raised being beautiful and healthy." - Alyssa Milano

House rejects Net neutrality rules
Crushes that never die.

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Mattbear said...

Ah Alyssa...is there any limit to her wonderfulness?