Jun 13, 2006

Your job is dull as hell.

Civil servants at the Rural Payments Agency in the UK are under investigation for various misconduct including leaping from cabinets naked, having sex in bathrooms, fist fights, and break dancing. Apparently this is not proper workplace etiquette. Who knew?

Break dancing? I'm curious if any one of them combined all of the activities. A naked man jumped from a counter, then decides to bone a coworker in the bathroom, then in celebration came out into the cafeteria blaring Run DMC and showing off his eighties moves which resulted in a fist fight with his boss.

We need more of this at my job. Then again I'd hate to subject my coworkers to me leaping around the office naked. Hell I wouldn't even want them to watch me breakdance. I've never been one to electric boogaloo (live it, feel it, know it) and would probably set off the apocalypse if I tried.

"I think English people were a lot better at breakdancing than they were at making records." - Norman Cook

Probe over 'naked civil servants'

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Scott said...

Great post! I think that I should incorporate my breakdancing skills into my office day. I can do the robot like no mans business.