Jun 23, 2006

I had one for four years. Then I graduated high school.

A handyman won a lawsuit against an insurance company that insures medical implants. Charles Lennon decided that his wee wee was too small and had enough of hearing his significant other say "no honey it's not small. It's just the right size." So like any rational man he decided to get a penis implant. Problem was the implant caused him to have an erection for ten years. You'd think after the first year you might want to consider having it removed, but that's me.

I used to golf at a course that was frequented by an elderly man. He had a young mid-twenties wife and apparently he still wanted to please her sexually. This was before the days of Viagra so he received an implant that kept him permanently erect. Of course the guy wore those stupid golf pants so God and everyone could see his zipper being threatened to fly open by the force of his manhood. Watching him swing his club was similar to a car wreck. For some reason you just couldn't look away. It was horrible I tell you.

I would imagine not only the embarrassment of having everyone never make eye contact with you, but the sheer inconvenience of it. Imagine being in a crowded elevator with the guy. I would never go swimming again in my life.

"Men renounce whatever they have in common with women so as to experience no commonality with women; and what is left, according to men, is one piece of flesh a few inches long, the penis. The penis is sensate; the penis is the man; the man is human; the penis signifies humanity." - Andrea Dworkin

Malfunctioning penile implant raises embarrassment, lawsuit

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