Jun 13, 2006

Sorry guys.

For those four readers I have out there who are used to reading weird stories involving hot women I'm sorry that I haven't provided much lately. Celebrity culture is really not my bag, unless it's something completley ridiculous. Plus I don't think Paris Hilton or Anna Nicole are attractive.

Never fear dear readers for I have provided a video I think you'll all enjoy. I've never heard of this singer before, nor do I care what language she speaks. I liked this and I think you will to, well cept for Greg.

Yes the music is bad, but you won't care. Oh and you're welcome.

"The French have a Celtic link with the Scots and the Irish. The French, with their food and their language, are much more sophisticated, much more developed." - Sean Connery

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Mattbear said...

Damn, she has some nice boots. No, really, I am talking about the boots. I'm a sucker for a nice pair of boots.

Well, some fans flashed a sign that said "Alizee" half way through, so I went and found this:

Just in case you wanted to see more.