Jun 5, 2006

Tim Eyman has gone insane.

Depending on who you ask Tim Eyman is a hero or a destructive force in Washington State politics. Garnering state wide attention with his $30 vehicle tab ballot measure a few years back, Eyman became a sort of everyman hero to many conservatives. His opinionated stands on issues and his often ridiculous staged events provide him with a large amount of media coverage.

Now he's trying to add another ballot to November's election that would appeal the legislature's anti-discrimination bill protecting homosexuals from discrimination in jobs, housing, etc. He's short on signatures so he's decided to dress as the Dark Lord of the Sith, aka Darth Vader, to attract more media to his campaign.

Now you think Paris Hilton is an attention whore. Would you sign a petition being held by someone who dresses up as a Star Wars character? If not would GI Joe be better? How about if he dressed up as Rainbow Brite?

"The only time elected officials are really dangerous is when they don't think we the citizens are paying attention."- Tim Eyman

Eyman shows up at news conference as Darth Vader


Mattbear said...

Fuck that asshole. Fuck 'im right in the eye. What a jackass.

Sorry, had to vent there.

Wiwille said...

Mattbear - Hey I'm just glad someone agrees with me on this.