Mar 1, 2006

Slow kills.

As someone who believes that speed limits should be suggestions and not laws I found this video amusing. It's a few people who decide to drive along side each other on Atlanta's I-285 doing the posted speed limit of 55 mph. The results are priceless and their point is well taken.

I thought about doing this in Seattle, but then I remembered that no one in this area seems to even want to go the speed limit much less exceed it. Haven't figured out why really. I think the Puget Sound people hate their families and have no desire to drive home with a sense of urgency. Or maybe they're a bunch of candy asses.

"Life is too short for traffic." - Dan Bellack

A Meditation On the Speed Limit


jinsane said...

THAT was awesome!!!

I love a good smartass!

Chitney said...

OH that is BEAUTIFUL!!! HAHAHAHA "formation"...I love it!

I totally agree that the speed limit should be a recommendation. Either that, or it should be hiked to something much more reasonable. Ontario's is still at 100km/h (about 62mph) but everyone drives 120km/h (74mph) on average.

I say make the damn limit 120km/h and everyone would be safer. It would force slowpokes to drive faster or to stop taking the highway altogether. They are among the most dangerous drivers of all, as far as I'm concerned. As for naysayers to hiking the speed limit, there's a natural point where one would knowingly lose control of the car if one drove any faster. And that point ain't nowhere near 120km/h.