Nov 27, 2009


I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Mine went well spending time with the family and enjoying a good meal. I actually cooked which went surprisingly well and no one complained of food poisoning. Delicious grub and good company were in order and I'm grateful to have that time.

My cousin asked me if I wanted to join him and other members of the family in their annual elk hunting trip next year. I gave it some thought as I'm not exactly the hunting type, nor am I one to model my life after Hemingway. I asked him about rifles, gear, and how exactly they choose to pursue their prey. I wasn't interested in driving around and shooting off the back of a pickup. He assured me we would be hiking in the deep woods. If there's something worth doing you might as well do it right, or something like that.

I know many frown upon hunting as being barbaric which I can understand. I really don't have much interest in actually taking down an animal, because the only real sport is HUMANS.

Ok I'm kidding.

It sounds nice to hang out in the woods for a week, something I haven't done since my youth. To try and immerse yourself in the wilderness, fight the elements, and go to sleep without hearing traffic does sound appealing. Hiking out into the forest with only a map and compass to guide me...yeah there's something draws me to this. I've never been what one would call an avid outdoors man, but maybe that should change.

And yet I still don't know if I could take down an elk. Sure the chances of me even seeing one is slim, but if I had one in my sights I'm not sure if I could take it down. I've always considered elk and deer to be majestic creatures. Even though I have this worldview of nature as brutal and savage for some reason they kind of appeal to the romantic in me. I understand how the food chain works, but what if I come across one in my cross hairs and I find I can't squeeze the trigger?

It also doesn't help that I'm not a big fan of the meat. Cow just tastes better and hunting them would hardly be sporting.

I guess it doesn't matter if I can destroy one or not. Again I'm not going for the kill, but for the experience. Besides I could use a little bit of adventure in my life.

"Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they're in the game." - Paul Rodriguez


Miss Ash said...


But do go into the woods and push the gun in the other direction when the others spot an Elk! You'll still get the manly experience of wandering in the woods without bathing for a week and no animails will be harmed :)

JLee said...

That's not as bad as my stepdaughter talking about hunting deer...wait I might save this story for a post. lol

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and kudos on cooking! You're braver than I am...