Nov 4, 2009


Beer. There's nothing it can't do. I don't drink as much as I should, which is a damn shame really. I should just add it to my daily vitamin intake. I'm sure Vitamin C goes down well with a good porter.

Now let it be known that I'm against going to anything spa oriented. No pedicures or facials (hehe I said facial) for me, cause I'm all man damn it. I see no reason for me to spend my money on any of the like, until now.

A spa in Austria allows their customers to swim in a pool filled with beer. At first I wasn't sure how I felt about this. I mean why not drink it instead? Then I thought about all the good things the fine beverage has given me besides fodder for this blog.

I've found many uses for beer other than using it as an excuse for my often silly and socially unsound behavior, so why not try it? If I ever get married, which is about as likely as Pat Buchanan being a keynote speaker at a NAACP convention, I think this would make a great bachelor party. Me in a pool full of beer with girls who normally seek employment at Deja Vu. I like it.

Great idea. I'm full of them.

"These pools really can help some health problems - but if they don't work for you, you'll probably have drunk enough not to care about it anymore." - Markus Amann

Pool of beer


wigsf said...

I think George Will wrote an article extoling the virtues of beer. I never read it. I'm still too hung up on my donut and fried chicken fixation to work my way over to beer.

Miss Ash said...

So when are we going to Austria???