Nov 5, 2009

Thursday Music

Old friends doing silly and often stupid things make for great memories and thankfully I have plenty of them. Of course most of those involve drinking copious amounts of alcohol, but that's besides the point. Or is it?

I used to work with some great people who I made fast friends with, cause we shared a common interest in beer. What we now refer to as 'garage days' Jeff, Jason, Dave, and I would spent countless hours consuming pints in their house and jabbering it up with any and all who would join us.

For whatever reason the boys liked to sing and had me join them when I was inebriated enough. This was amusing to most, if not offensive depending on which song we chose to entertain our guests with. One tune was often used in our spontaneous quartet and listening to it now always puts a smile on my face.

I know the suspense must be killing you, so without further ado I bring you said song:

"Things are looking up for the comedic music world, but there are many brilliant acts who have burned out before their time and many more that have gone unnoticed. Among the greatest of these lost musical comedy groups is Corky and the Juice Pigs." -


Kelli said...

You're a nut.

Miss Ash said...

Where the hell did you first hear that song LOL?? I've never ever heard it before ever!

JLee said...

haha...never heard that one. At work we usually break into an Aaron Neville impersonation to relieve the tension "I don't knowww much...."