Nov 23, 2009


As some of you readers may know I was adopted as a newborn and until fairly recently I never really considered finding my birth family. After some higgeldy piggeldy with my health I made the decision to find my medical history. The process has been slow at best. I have an appointment with a PI next month to see how they may be able to assist with my quest. I'll of course keep blogger land informed of my progress.

While some have complimented me saying that I have a healthy attitude towards my adoption and finding my medical history, there are parts of this process that frighten the living hell out of me. While I will never hold myself responsible for my conception nor do I think circumstances of birth should be an issue of pride or shame, I can't help but fear to find out what exactly I may be a product of. As a young Wiwille I always had a good, if not romanticized image, of my birth parents. In my mind they were good people forced with a tough decision and in the end they made the right one. As I grow older and more cynical I view such images as childish.

Still I had to conquer such fears and move forward with this if not for the sake of my own health, but for my children should I happen to have any in the future.

My friend decided it would be a great idea to inform me of this story. Apparently an adopted man, 41, decided to trace his roots and found out that he was no other than the biological son of Charles Manson. His conception was equally as terrifying.

Some have told me they question the accuracy of this article and others think it's been pulled out of the ass of the British press. Doesn't matter to me at all. I won't get any sleep tonight, but I will soldier on.

"For the record, I don't think you resemble any serial killers I know of." - Alec

Adopted son traced biological parent to be Charles Manson


Mattbear said...

I may have told you this before, but I had a friend who was adopted (and named Eric) and his adoptive father (Loren) was himself adopted. Loren had found his biological parents when he was a young man, They were very kind people and Loren and his family visited them regularly.

Eric followed in Loren's footsteps and found his biological parents. His mother was a doctor, and his father was a nuclear physicist.They were perfectly good people who conceived Eric while still working on their education, and didn't feel they could complete the education with a baby to take care of.

Fear not, my friend.

wigsf said...

God speed in your journey good friend.

Miss Ash said...

I know a girl who met her birth parents....neither held jobs, seemed to struggle with addictions etc. It just made her even more grateful for the family that adopted her and gave her chances she may never have known otherwise.

Mattbear said...

I know you're weirded out by this Manson story, but there is a hilarious comment on Metafilter about this story:

MANSON: There is no escape. Don't make me destroy you.
MANSON: Matthew , you do not yet realize your importance. You have only begun to discover your power. Join me, and I will complete your training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and murder a lot of pigs.

MATTHEW : I'll never join you!

MANSON: If you only knew the power of the Scorpion. Roman Polanski never told you what happened to your father.

MATTHEW: He told me enough! He told me *you* killed him!

MANSON: No. I am your father.

MATTHEW: No. No. That's not true. That's impossible!

MANSON: Search your feelings, you *know* it to be true!


Anonymous said...

I know four people who met their birth parents after being raised by relatives or adoptive parents. make five... The longer I think about it, the more people I remember with some form of non-standard family due to someone not being mature enough to deal with a pregnancy. One lost his mother in childbirth and got farmed out to relatives. Two were raised by bio-mom's after bio-dad left the scene and then met up with the bio-dad later in life. One was just straight up adopted and the bio-dad didn't know of his existence until he was in his sixties. Three of them are relatives of mine.

So in short (too late, I know....)you've got a lot of company. I'd like to say all the stories of those people came out just fine, but in truth, only one came out the fairy-tale ending we'd all like. But just knowing that it can turn out right for someone has to be enough for the rest.

Kelli said...

I wouldn't worry about this. You're awesome and finding your birth parents will not change who you are. :-)