Nov 11, 2009


For all of our nation's recent tragedies the self appointed guru of our country's moral fabric has the reasons behind each. Regardless if it be a natural disaster or the result of terrorism, domestic and otherwise, Pat Robertson always believes it has something to do with the citizens wavering in their belief of the good book.

Of course he has an explanation behind the Fort Hood killings and that involves claiming Islam is not a religion and more of a political ideology. He goes on to say we should treat it like someone would a fascist party.

What's interesting about this is not only the offense he gives to billions of Muslims who practice the faith in varying ways, just like his brand of religion he chose to accept, is that his own faith can be viewed in the same light. If you've read any of his books, or even listened to him for more than ten minutes on his 700 Club television program, you'd see that his main goal is not just to spread the word of the Holy Bible, but to change the heart of the electorate into voting as he would have them. Granted he doesn't call upon his viewers to take upon acts of violence, but he has on occasion encouraged the practice by his government. Some would say this is un-Christian, but I disagree. Anyone who sees Christ as a unwavering pacifist must have read a different Gospel than myself.

Gandhi once claimed that religion is political and those who disagree don't understand the world's major faiths. I would take that a step further and say for any who can't correlate the two don't comprehend politics as well.

It's certainly easy to understand how one can try and to make sense out of a senseless act. It's seems natural to most and religious leaders like Robertson have made a career of it. We still have a lot to learn about mental illness and the unknown always scares us, but that doesn't stop people, including your author here, from laying blame wherever they see fit. I simply see the shooter as someone who's extremely disturbed as well as a coward. Does that make me presumptuous?

Robertson has blamed hurricanes on our foreign policy, even though they've been happening in the south well before the United States was even an idea, but I'm sure he has an answer for that too. I guess the Native Americans were at fault for not saying grace before each meal even though the lord's word never hit the shores. Heathens.

It's the tyranny of an oligarchy that I'm concerned about. - Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson on Ft. Hood: Islam is ‘not a religion’ and Muslims should be treated like ‘some fascist group.’


Big Ben said...

It is amazing that a book written approx. 2000 years ago (not written by God or translated to English by God) has all the answers to todays ills.

Miss Ash said...

You guys have a lot of errr interesting folks down there in the States....

Moss said...

I agree with Pat. Islam is a poisonous, predatory, supremacist, totalitarian political ideology masquerading as a religion.

JLee said...

He fails to mention all the Christians (which I consider myself, so no offense) that have done heinous acts over history. Timothy McVeigh was Irish Catholic, did anyone bring that up with the bombings in OKC?