Nov 10, 2009


I have a weird question for the folks in blogger land. How well do you have to know a person before you poop in their home?

I've asked people about this in a very unscientific manner and the answers varied as one would normally expect. Some felt it's a normal bodily function and will sit on the throne where ever and when ever. Others felt that their poopie stink shouldn't be shared with the masses and were only comfortable at home or around folk they know very well.

Now I normally don't care about doing such an activity at any and all times, but there are moments where I'm concerned. See I could be sitting in someone's place, say a person I don't know very well or they're smoking hot, and let out an gargantuan bowel movement that's equally as smelly that results in clogging the toilet so bad an industrial sized plunger won't fix the problem and the apartment management team would have to come in with a pipe snake to allow a proper flush which embarrasses the occupant of said dwelling not mention the reliever of said contents.

Run on sentences. It's what I do.

Not that the above has ever happened before. Nope never. Moving on.

That all being said no one should feel ashamed about using the facilities at my place. Enjoy the reading material. Plungers and cleaning material is handy.

"At least he's not the one who plugged up your toilet." - Jason to Eli


Claire said...

Oh, it's the variety on your blog that keeps me coming back, honey.


Mattbear said...

As my old man used to say, "When duty calls, you ought to go; when nature calls, you got to go."

wigsf said...

I will drive home from work, run away screaming, anything, I won't poop anywhere but in my own home, or at a hotel, that's different.

JLee said...

I don't like to do it unless it's someone I know very well, but there are times you gotta do what you gotta dooo. I'll come to your house next time. ha

Miss Ash said...

I guess it would depend on where the facility is located in said house of stranger. If it's like right beside the livingroom where everyone is hanging out then I might try to refrain. Otherwise it's a free for all.

Anonymous said...

You got a purdy plunger ;0)