Nov 8, 2009


I was out with someone a few months back and we were getting to know each other. She was open with past dating history and went into details that were unsolicited. Still her honesty was refreshing so I asked some questions. One led to a very interesting answer.

When I asked her why she broke up with her last boyfriend she turned to me and said "I deserve better."

Deserve better. That phrase has always turned me off.

"Don't you want what you deserve?" she asked.

"Me," I replied. "I don't deserve anything."

"What do you mean?" she probed.

"Look," I stated. "I consider myself very fortunate to be adopted by a good family, live in a good country, and have good health. I'm no Gandhi. I've never done anything in my life to say I deserve happiness, or anything for that matter. I'm no more worthy than anyone who suffers to live a good life."

She paused for a bit contemplating what I just said. The look in her eyes made it clear she wasn't happy with my assessment on life's gifts and probably felt a little offended about me galloping on my high horse. As her eyes gazed off into the abyss of thought she finally came up with a line as best she could.

"I just think," she said. "That we all deserve happiness."


"I...I just do."


I love how entitled we are to a good life free of the horrors of nature and CW programming.

On similar lines a friend of mine told me yesterday that she can't see me ever getting married, because I'm too picky and hung up on a woman. She may be right. Scarlett's hard to get over.

"A part of kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve." - Joseph Joubert


wigsf said...

"Better" is a relative term. Better than an abusive alcoholic, sure, most women deserve better than that.
Better than a brain surgeon who reads to sick kids at the hospital and is hung like babboon. And has nice hair. I disagree. I don't think most women deserve a guy like that.
Most women deserve a guy somewhere in the middle, yet, they all seem to think they can do better than me.

Kelli said...

Then there are some folks who think they don't deserve anything and settle for the crap at the bottom of the bucket.

You, my friend, have yet to settle [down]. So therefore you must feel you deserve better... EVERYONE on some level wants something better than what they have. It's human nature to want to trade up.

"I love how entitled we are to a good life free of the horrors of nature and CW programming."---

I think if you had ever experience true despair in your life... you wouldn't make these statements. It must be nice to be you.

Miss Ash said...

Interesting argument and I get what you're saying....but I think most of us believe we deserve someone great!

JLee said...

That's funny I just used that phrase in my latest post. lol
Good quote. Some people don't deserve shit though. ha