Aug 30, 2005

Erik is watching reality television

I stayed up late and watched reality television last night. Yep you heard it here first. I've succumbed to viewing 'real life' drama brought to you by Right Guard, extreme deodorant for the extreme athlete, and Transporter part 2, cause enough wasn't said in the first one.

Anyways KM and I watched The Ultimate Fighter 2. If you're not familiar the UFC brings in a bunch of amateur mixed martial arts fighters to live and compete together for a six figure UFC contract. It's actually kind of a cool show, but only if you're a fan of the UFC, which I am. If you're not familiar with the UFC, well stop reading now.

I normally loathe reality television in all it's forms, but now I find myself enjoying this UFC based show. Maybe one day I will come home from work and look forward to the next time a shameless self promoting millionaire will fire the cast bitch. Or maybe I'll be sitting in the break room discussing why the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Average Joe people are really sweet cause television producers would never use tricky editing techniques to make them appear as someone they're not.

Oh god if that happens, please pay someone to break my kneecaps.

I remember seeing a reality show once where the network shipped a bunch of couples to a tropical island, split them up, then had them date numerous people. At the end they were supposed to see if they wanted to stay together or break up I guess. I called my parents telling them that the apocalypse is coming and that show was the seventh seal. They calmed me down and assured me that the antichrist will probably not appear on a Fox show. I think they're being naive.

Actually I just had a great idea. I'm going to take a female friend, fake a relationship to the network, and have them ship us to the tropical island. We both get to date hotties and vacation in paradise. At the end we'll stage a breakup. I hate her because she farts in her sleep and she hates me because I have back hair. We split and continue to date the babes. Brilliant.

"You blew it FOX, with "When Circus Midgets Attack," and "Who Wants to Marry a Crack Whore?" I know that may seem a bit harsh, but when the one you love has hurt you, you tend to lash out. Hell hath no fury like a man scorned by Reality TV." - columinst Mike Melochick

The Ultimate Fighter

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