Aug 10, 2005

MSNBC decides Jessica Simpson's breasts are an important news story.

This is stuff that keeps me up at night. Now before I go into a little rant let me declare that I am not against Jessica Simpson's assests. In fact I'm all for them. You may even call me a fan of those. At least that's what's listed on the restraining order.

So MSNBC decides to write a scoop about how the village idiot turned pop star sex kitten feels about her boobies. Apparently this is important news. I mean if I didn't feel Jessica was comfortable with her breasts I'd have to write her another 14,000 emails convincing her that her boobs could bring the Palestinians and Israelis to everlasting peace. Then again the judge may not approve.

Stories like this seriously make me sad. It's not that they print this horseshit, it's the fact that people care. So many tragedies and triumphs happen in the world body politic on a daily basis and yet this pulp ends up on one of the biggest news sites in the world. I'm so mad I'm going to go and tune into some reality television and bitch those people out, cause they can hear me after all.

"When we were in church work [my daughters] wore bikinis and short shorts. People in the church got mad at me then but we believe that what'’s in the heart is more important than what'’s on the outside."” - Jessica Simpson's dad.

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