Aug 24, 2005

Patient files complaint against doctor, because the doctor was too honest.

Stories like these make me wish the Soviets would've launched during the Cold War. Woman goes to doctor. Doctor says her weight is unhealthy. Instead of heading out to Jenny Craig the patient files a complaint with the Attorney General.

I sure as hell hope this doesn't become a new precedence where doctors would be afraid to tell me I smoke and drink too much. I want my doctor to tell me if I'm too damn fat. Hell tell me if I'm ugly, or that I partake in to much mainlining of black tar heroin, or that my penis is too sma...uhh...they could leave that last part out.

When I read articles such as this I'm reminded that I need to punch more people in the eye.

"I don't mind that I'm fat. You still get the same money." - Marlon Brando

Woman Files Complaint After Doctor Tells Her She's Obese

Update: Apparently the doctor is a racist. The other story conveniently left that out.

Dr. Bennett accused of advising patient to shoot herself

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