Aug 17, 2005

Girls apparently like flawed men. Cool.

These kind of articles make me so happy I want to sing songs by the Bangles. And I hate the Bangles. Really I do.

According to the article most women do not care about the size of a man's wallet nor are they interested in finding a "Playgirl" hunk, i.e., little bit of blubber, personality over looks, etc.

I feel cheated being told by our media that I will never be happy unless I look like Sean Connery or Brad Pitt. For years I believed that finding bliss would be driving an SUV, watching "Survivor", and eating Menthos, cause they're full of life. All those elements would make me hunky enough to make George Clooney jealous.

The reporter should get a Pulitzer for bringing hope to malekind. I'm so damn giddy I think I'll take off my shirt and dance in a fountain and sing praises to every god I can think of. People tell me that the survey could be flawed, but the media would never lie to me. Ever.

"It's scary, but women don't care [about looks]. Men are very superficial and very shallow." - New York matchmaker Janis Spindel

(I know the Rachel McAdams pic has nothing to do with this blog, but she's Rachel McAdams so I'll post her anytime I damn well please and there ain't nothing you can do about it, because you like watching reruns of Full House and you voted for Pat Buchanan and you enjoy the comic works of I got a little carried away there. Sorry.)

Playgirl's hunks? The hairy, chubby & poor!

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