Aug 11, 2005

Sometimes I wish I were a hot guy.

I recently lost a bunch of weight. To give you an idea of how I looked before imagine a less attractive Tony Soprano. At least I have better hair.

Anyways I'm at the gym today and there were a bunch of hot guys there. The good looking physical trainers were giving them a whole lot of attention. It was then I started pondering what it would be like being a handsome guy.

Seriously there has to be a lot of benefits to being attractive. For girls you get to drink at bars for free. For guys you get those girls drinks. Actually that's not that much of a benefit. Forget I said that.

Come to think of it it would be cooler to be a hot girl. Your lifestyle is less expensive at least. You never have to fish for attention, such as creating a self depricating blog. Most guys don't give a damn about your personality. Some strippers I've met have nothing going on between the ears, yet guys will throw $20-$40 at em for a simple lap dance. Not that I've ever done that of course. I'm too busy trying to find a cure for leprosy and bringing an end to world hunger.

I want to live one day as Johnny Depp. Just to see what it's like.

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