Aug 23, 2005

I still haven't seen Steel Magnolias

I've made it to 30 and I still haven't seen Steel Magnolias. As I was telling someone earlier I should make it into the Masculine Hall of Fame for that.

There should be a Masculine Hall of Fame for that matter. God it would be cool. There would be awards for numbers of concussions, how many buffalo wings have been eaten in a single setting, percentage of paycheck that went to a local bar/strip club, etc. Sean Connery would host each induction. Spike TV will televise it. Glorious.

I think I have something here.

Anyways the days of my virginity to the film that is viewed as "the best movie ever made" by numerous women are getting numbered. I wish I could say that I was the loser in a street brawl and this was the punishment, but that is not the case. To all that would make fun of me for this remember that many of you have cried while watching Bambi, Charlottes Web and/or Casablanca.

"I've learned a lot about menopause." - Jason Moore, cast member of the stage production.

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