Aug 31, 2005

I'm helping someone move tonight...again.

Tis the season of people and their moves and for some reason I always get asked to help. I don't even own a truck anymore, but people still rely on me to move heavy furniture. I'd like to think it's because of the Adonis strength I posses, but that's not the case. I'm a nice guy really and a sucker for free food.

RO is moving out from Redmond into Everett and all we have to move the stuff is his small truck and my tiny car. This should be a hoot.

Last week I helped RO's mom move from Redmond to Bainbridge Island. God that was miserable. We rented a 26 foot Uhaul which at the time seemed like overkill considering she lived in a two bedroom apartment. "We could never fill that Uhaul", RO stated. Damn him for being wrong. We stuffed that oversized slow vehicle to the rim with all sorts of crap ranging from three love seats, a couch, bbq, a karaoke machine, two queen sized beds, etc. I sweated like a stark pig and stunk up the place.

RO's brother in-law is a lazy man. He did no heavy lifting and sat on the phone most of the day.

RO's mom felt so bad that I did so much work she paid me very well. I still feel bad for taking the cash, but not too bad. Oh and she bought me McDonald's. Don't like McDonald's, but hey it was free.

"If you don't do it it don't get done." - RO

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